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We have extensive experience including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Custom residential design

  • Additions to existing homes (1st and 2nd stories)

  • Design and remodel (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.)

  • Commercial additions and remodeling

  • Drafting and permits of existing buildings

  • Energy Calculations (title-24)

We specialize in ADU’s!

Accessory Dwelling Unit's are one of the services we provide the most. If you would like to convert your garage to a more usable space, an ADU would be the perfect solution. We could design a nice studio for you, add extra square footage to provide additional bedrooms, or if you have unused space on your lot we also provide new construction design for up to 1200 SF (in most cities) with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. If you've ever been interested in renting, this is a great option for an extra income opportunity, or to provide additional living space for families!

Building codes have become very friendly now, also accepting junior ADU's up to 500 SF, so you may even be able to have a 3 unit in a R-1 lot!

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